The Very Best Appetizer Recipes

The Very Best Appetizer Recipe roundup

My favorite part of any gathering is the appetizers! I love making them and I love eating them! A great appetizer spread with wine or champagne will get your guests in the holiday spirit and set the mood for a great evening.

For this post, I’ve gathered up all the best appetizer recipes into one post! These are tried and true recipes that my guests have loved time and time again! I hope you enjoy this collection of appetizer recipes and enjoy holiday entertaining! For the recipe, just click on the link provided, or click on any image to take you directly to the recipe! You can get more appetizer recipes here, too:

The Ultimate Charcuterie Board!!

A charcuterie board is a great addition to any party! Watch my step-by-step tutorial to make this spread for your next party! 

Sabra hummus charcuterie board with veggies, berries, cheese and meats

Bacon & Garlic Rolls

The most amazing dinner rolls stuffed with garlic, bacon bits and cheddar cheese! Plus, garlic butter for dipping!

savory cinnamon rolls with bacon, cheddar and garlic butter

Smoked Salmon Puffs

The best Smoked Salmon Profiteroles! Made with a creamy and fluffy cream cheese filling! This seafood appetizer is always a huge hit!

close up of seafood salmon puffs with fresh dill; easy appetizer recipe

Spinach Panela Tartlets

These ‘Spinach Panela Tartlets’ are always gone in seconds when I serve them at a dinner party! They’re made with loads of creamy cheese and wilted spinach!

Spinach Panela Tartlets

Garlic Tomato Toast

This easy toast recipe is made with toasted bread, garlic, ricotta and the best heirloom tomatoes! Perfect for snacking!

yellow heirloom tomato on toasted sourdough bread, tomato toast

Stuffed Mini Peppers

These spicy bacon and cheese stuffed peppers are soo good, knock-your-socks-off good!! I usually eat about 10 of them myself, so double up the batch if you’re expecting lots of people!

A stuffed mini peppers sitting on top of a wooden cutting board, with cheese

Avocado Toast

This next recipe is actually a FIVE recipes in one. Avocado toast prepared five different ways. You can make just one of these, or try all five variations. My favorite is the smoked salmon, but if you want something new and unique, try the strawberry avocado toast. It’s incredibly delicious!

several pieces of avocado toast sitting on a cutting board

Hot Salmon Dip

Moving onto my famous ‘Hot Salmon Dip’. This is the BEST seafood dip recipe! I’m definitely making this for my next party, it’s easy and delicious! A party favorite for sure!

A bowl of smoked salmon dip sitting on a table

Avocado Chicken Egg Rolls

If you love Cheesecake Factory’s avocado egg rolls, I’ve got the copycat recipe, paired with a dipping sauce! These avocado chicken egg rolls are simply scrumptious!

a close up of avocado chicken egg rolls on a plate

Crab Cakes

If you haven’t tried this recipe for ‘The World’s Best Crab Cakes’, what are you waiting for? These are soo good and they’re easy to make! Don’t make let the long ingredient list scare you off, these come together in no time!

A close up of a crab cakes with parsley on a plate

Smoked Salmon Toast

These smoked salmon canapes are not only super easy to make, but also look like a million bucks! Check out that caviar and the silky smoked salmon! This is one of my favorite appetizers!

A close up of smoked salmon canapes, with caviar and capers

Teriyaki Chicken Wings

What party would be complete without some chicken wings? These teriyaki chicken wings are so delicious and made with home-made teriyaki sauce!

chicken wings with homemade teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds

Teriyaki Beef Skewers

My husband loves these teriyaki beef skewers! They’re so flavorful and delicious and easy to make!

A close up of teriyaki beef skewers on a tray

Petite Quiche

These mini quiche tartlets are so easy to make and always a hit at any cocktail party! Filled with eggs, cheese and ham!



My recipe for teriyaki pigs-in-a-blanket is the easiest recipe in this collection! Just grab some teriyaki sauce, little smokies and pre-made pastry dough! Soo good and delicious!

A plate of teriyaki pigs in a blanket

Beet Toast

I absolutely LOVE this simple beet spread on toast! Garlic-y, sweet and delicious! You can actually serve this as a salad, too!

A close up of beet spread on bread, on a tray

Shrimp Ceviche

Calling all seafood lovers! This avocado shrimp ceviche is killer good! So creamy and delicious! Serve the ceviche in individual cups for easy serving!

A close up of shrimp and avocado in a bowl on a table

Quail Egg Toast

How pretty is this appetizer?! It’s simple avocado toast topped with salty prosciutto, capers and quail eggs! The petite eggs make this appetizer look super fancy, but it’s actually easy to make!

A plate with avocado toast with small eggs and capers

Couscous on Endive

Elegant and simple couscous salad on endive leaves. This easy little appetizer is a great way to serve couscous at a party!


Ginger Pork Egg Rolls

This recipe for pork and ginger egg rolls is the ONLY egg roll recipe you’ll ever need! These are soo good!

A close up of ginger pork egg rolls on a tray

Antipasti Skewers

And no appetizer collection would be complete without some antipasti! These super easy and colorful skewers are made with prosciutto, green zucchini, olives and tomatoes!