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Ginger Pork Egg Rolls Recipe


Did you know that you can make your own egg rolls at home with ease?! I make my pork egg rolls with ginger, garlic, cabbage and carrots. These are unbelievably delicious, aromatic and packed with so much incredible flavor! They’re so simple to make at home and you can make extra to freeze and enjoy later!

If my husband and I are doing Chinese takeout, we always get egg rolls. They’re the perfect appetizer to enjoy with all the other (usually unhealthy!) Chinese dishes. We usually do Chinese takeout when I’m way too tired to move and make dinner, especially after a long day of blogging and filming. We have our favorite little spot where we always order from, but I always like my egg rolls the best. There’s something special about putting these together with fresh ingredients that makes them taste amazing!

I like to serve these with a side of teriyaki dipping sauce or oyster sauce for added flavor. If I’m feeling for somethin’ spicy, I like to get out the sweet and spicy pepper sauce.

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