pineapple carrot cake slice with cream cheese frosting

Pineapple Carrot Cake with pecans (video)

Spring is here and it's time to make a carrot cake for Easter! This incredibly moist carrot cake recipe is made with pineapple, pecans and my 'Cream Cheese Fro ...

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dollop of cream cheese frosting

5-Ingredient Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe (video)

The easiest and most delicious recipe for creamy cream cheese frosting! It's the perfect frosting for cakes, cupcakes and other desserts. I make my cr ...

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Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

ft;">One of my all-time favorite breakfast recipes: smoked salmon and avocado eggs benedict! My husband requests this dish almost every weekend. The m ...

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triple chocolate crepe cake slice on plate

Triple Chocolate Crepe Cake Recipe (video)

Calling all chocoholics and chocolate lovers - this is the ultimate chocolate cake! My triple chocolate crepe cake recipe is made with decadent chocol ...

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Blackberry Lime Cake with blackberries

Blackberry Cake with Lime Curd

This decadent and delicate blackberry lime cake recipe will steal your heart and taste buds! It's made with vanilla blackberry cake layers, lime curd ...

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Italian wedding cake slice

Coconut Italian Wedding Cake (video)

If you love coconut, this stunning Italian Cream Cake, also known as the Italian Wedding Cake, is for you! It's from my new cake cookbook, The Europea ...

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caramel mousse cake with chocolate

Raspberry Caramel Mousse Cake (video)

How stunning is this raspberry-filled caramel mousse cake?! It's not only beautiful but also delicious! This no-bake cheesecake mousse cake is made wi ...

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Banana Cream Cake roll with cream cheese frosting

Easy Banana Cream Cake (video)

You'll instantly fall in love with this easy banana cake recipe with cream cheese frosting! My banana cream cake is packed with amazing banana flavor! ...

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individual tiramisu parfait with cocoa powder

Classic Tiramisu Parfaits Recipe (video)

Creamy, fluffy, aromatic and delicious! If you love the classic tiramisu recipe, you'll love these dessert cups! My tiramisu is made with a creamy van ...

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chocolate pavlova with blackberries

Blackberry Chocolate Pavlova with Lavender Cream

ft;">The perfect spring time dessert: crispy and gooey chocolate pavlova topped with the most incredible lavender whipped cream and loads of fresh bla ...

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Chocolate strawberry and red rose arrangement for Valentine's Day

How To Make An Edible Arrangement

How stunning is this beautiful arrangement of roses, strawberries and cookies for Valentine's Day?! If you've ever been ashamed of giving a boring gif ...

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All The Best Strawberry Recipes - perfect for Valentine's Day

The Best Strawberry Desserts

Valentine's Day - a day to celebrate love and each other! And what better way to enjoy this special holiday than with desserts and sweets?! For me, th ...

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beautiful strawberry basil cake sliced open with strawberries

Strawberry Basil Cake

If you've never tried strawberry and basil together, you're in for a treat with my Strawberry Basil Cake! The flavor combination is delicious, unique ...

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lemon meringue cake on rhinestone stand with torched meringue

Lemon Meringue Cake

As far as lemon cakes go, this lemon meringue cake takes the cake! One of my all-time favorite lemon cake recipes and it's from my cookbook, Read More »

strawberry kiwi cake recipe

Strawberry Kiwi Trifle Cake Recipe (video)

You've probably tried a trifle before but have you ever made a domed trifle cake?! This cake is such a fun, unique and delicious dessert to make! My s ...

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