close up of classic beef borscht in bowl with sour cream and fresh dill

Classic Beef Borscht (video) + GIVEAWAY

Today, I'm sharing the star dish from my newest cookbook, Beyond Borscht! Straight off the cover - my classic beef borscht! This Eastern Eu ...

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mango cake with mango frosting and fresh mango puree

Creamy Mango Cake (video)

If you love mangos, this light and fluffy mango cake is for you! This simple fruit cake is made with delicate sponge cake, filled with real mango pure ...

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chicken spinach salad with pears, cheese and avocado

Spinach Chicken Salad (video)

One of my favorite salad recipes! This easy spinach chicken salad is topped with crumbled cheese, creamy avocado, pecans, dried cranberries, chopped p ...

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the best chicken noodle soup with parsley and carrots; made with bone-in chicken

The Best Chicken Noodle Soup (video)

Nothing beats this hearty and warming chicken noodle soup on a cold winter night! But really, you can enjoy this incredible soup recipe any time of th ...

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raspberry lemon cake with homemade lemon curd on floral cake stand

Lemon Raspberry Cake (video

Lemon and raspberry combined together make for the best flavor combination! My lemon raspberry cake is made with raspberry lemon cake layers, zesty an ...

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cover of Beyond Borscht cookbook by Tatyana Nesteruk

Beyond Borscht Cookbook

My newest cookbook will feature 75 all-new recipes from the Ukrainian and Eastern European cuisine! Recipes will include appetizers, salads, soups, si ...

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easy rice side dish recipe with mushrooms

Easy Mushroom Rice (video)

Easy, aromatic and delicious rice side dish recipe! My mushroom rice recipe is bound to become a favorite side for any of your favorite main entrees! ...

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Neapolitan cake with strawberry buttercream

Neapolitan Cake (video)

Decadent three layer, three flavor Neapolitan Cake recipe! This incredible, iconic cake is made with vanilla cake, strawberry cake and chocolate cake, ...

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beef roast dinner with potatoes; lamb roast dinner with potatoes

Easy Lamb Roast Dinner (video)

This roasted lamb dish is so delicious, hearty and warming; the perfect kind of comfort food recipe! My easy lamb roast dinner with baby potatoes and ...

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chocolate strawberry tuxedo cake recipe with whipped cream

Strawberry Tuxedo Cake (video)

This stunning strawberry tuxedo cake is a fun and fruity take on my original tuxedo cake and I think you'll love it! It's made with tender chocolate a ...

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rose water cake with rose buttercream and red roses; Valentine's Day cake

Rose Cake (video)

This stunning and elegant rose cake is perfect for Valentine's Day or your next special occasion! My uniquely flavored rose water cake is made with ro ...

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smoked salmon stuffed savory crepes for breakfast or brunch; with avocado and dill

Smoked Salmon Savory Crepes (video)

You guys are going to love this savory breakfast recipe! These stuffed crepes have all the flavors of a lox bagel but with crepes! My smoked salmon sa ...

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blueberry lemon cake with icing; easy bundt cake recipe

Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake (video)

Super easy and delicious! This blueberry lemon bundt cake with lemon icing is bound to become a favorite! It's always one of my favorite choices when ...

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strawberry cream puffs with fresh strawberries

Strawberry Cream Puffs (video)

ft;">What's better than a light and fluffy cream puff?! Strawberry cream puffs! These delicate profiteroles are made with a simple pate a choux dough, ...

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angel food cake with berries and confectioner's sugar

Angel Food Cake (video)

A simple, everyday recipe for Angel Food cake! My easy recipes uses regular, all-purpose flour and granulated sugar. It's also less sweet than most st ...

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