The European Cake Cookbook

65 European Cake Recipes

The European Cake Cookbook is a collection of European cake recipes like none other! Discover a new world of decadence from the celebrated traditions of European baking! This incredible book contains 65 all-new, never before published cake recipes from all over Europe. You’ll love the combination of extravagant cake creations alongside simple, everyday recipes to enjoy any day. This book has a cake fit for every occasion, for every day and for everyone!

The book is broken down into chapters by regions of Europe, beginning with a chapter for Eastern Europe, my home region. It’s such an honor to be able to celebrate my heritage in my very first cookbook. I selected all my favorite Eastern European recipes such as Bird’s Bild Torte, Smetanik, Zefir Torte and Ukrainian cheesecake! For each region, I wanted to emphasize the traditional cakes and desserts, sharing with you classic cakes and new, inspired cake creations.

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