smoked salmon and caviar on toast

Caviar & Smoked Salmon Canapes


Looking for a tasty seafood appetizer that will impress your dinner guests? This caviar and salmon canapes is it! A classic combination of smoked salmon and caviar, topped with capers and dill on top of toast bread! If you don’t want to take the time to toast bread, simply use cocktail bread, crackers or even blini (pancakes) to use for the base.

Growing up in a Slavic household, we learned to love these flavors – caviar, dill, smoked fish… Fresh dill is added to just about every savory dish in the Ukrainian and Slavic cuisine; it’s an integral flavor component of many dishes. This simple appetizer is no exception! I personally love the combination of flavors – salty salmon roe with creamy sour cream, smoky salmon, refreshing dill and briny capers! Can you ask for a better appetizer?!


These elegant salmon canapes comes together in no time and is great with white wine or champagne. Arrange them on a large platter and you’re set for the evening!

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