Cheesy Spinach Tarts with panela cheese

Spinach Panela Tartlets Recipe (video)

Buttery, cheesy and delicious – these Spinach Panela Tartlets have it all! I’m partnering with Cacique® to bring you one of my favorite appetizer recipes. These tartlets are filled with an incredible spinach, onion and cheese filling. Every bite is packed with amazing cheese flavor, all thanks to the Cacique® Panela and Cotija cheeses! You’ll fall in love with the flavor from the very first bite! Whenever I make these for a dinner party, they’re always the first to go!

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Easy, Buttery Crust

These cheese tartlets are so easy and fun to make! Need a last-minute appetizer recipe? This recipe will save your dinner party! I recommend using store-bought, premade pie crusts to save time. Just roll the dough out slightly and decide on the tartlet size – you can use a mini or regular cupcake pan. Use a circle cookie cutter, then drop the dough into the pan. I use the bottom of a shot glass to firmly press the crust in place! I love the buttery and flaky crust with the cheesy filling.

Spinach Cheese Tartlets

All About the Cheese!

This recipe is about 80% cheese, so going with the right kind makes all the difference! I love using a combination of Cacique® Panela and Cotija. The Panela cheese is similar to paneer and halloumi but less salty. It’s mild and creamy, and a crumbly, curd-style basket cheese. To complement the more mild Panela, I add Cotija. This robust, salty and crumbly cheese is similar to Parmesan and dry feta, and packed with incredible flavor!

The cheese inside of these tartlets will get extremely hot when baked. Allow the tartlets to cool down for at least 15 minutes before serving.

Cheese Spinach Tartlets

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Spinach Panela Tartlets video recipe

This recipe is sponsored by Cacique®. Cacique® Inc. is the market leader and #1 selling brand of Hispanic cheeses, cremas and chorizos in the US. Celebrating 45 years, Cacique® takes great pride in the authenticity, quality and taste of each of its products. Check out the Cacique® recipe webpage for more incredible recipes:

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