The Best Keto Recipes

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Whether you’re doing the keto diet as a lifestyle or to get into shape after the holiday season, this collection of keto recipes is bound to be your go-to spot for keto recipe inspiration! After trying the keto diet myself for a few months, I know first hand it can be a little tricky to come up with low-carb recipes everyday! I want to make it super easy for you to find those keto recipes, so I’m adding a new tab to my website menu! This extensive collection includes keto breakfast, lunch and dinner and even, keto desserts!

You can check out my entire keto and low-carb recipe collection here:

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And now, here’s a few keto recipes I love and continue to enjoy! Let’s start with one of my favorite salads – this ‘Salmon Avocado and Egg Salad‘ is bursting with flavor!

keto salmon salad with egg and avocado

My favorite ‘Chicken Lettuce Wraps’ are packed with incredible flavors! The filling is made with chicken, mushrooms, pepper, water chestnuts and a peanut sauce!

Asian chicken lettuce wrap with peanut sauce and water chestnuts

The ultimate keto salad with all the best toppings! My ‘Best BLT Salad’ recipe is made with bacon bits, cheese, avocado and loads of veggies!

sliced avocado over a bed of BLT salad

One of my favorite foods while doing a low-carb diet was spaghetti squash! It’s so good and it goes with just about everything! You’ll love this ‘Pork Carnitas Stuffed Spaghetti Squash‘!

stuffed spaghetti squash with taco filling

You’ll love this aromatic and delicious ‘Cedar-Planked Salmon’ with garlic, lemon and herbs! Enjoy it with a salad!

cedar plank salmon recipe

This ‘Pickled Cabbage Salad’ is beyond delicious! It’s crispy, flavorful and perfect for lunch!

cabbage, carrot and zucchini salad

‘Grilled Pork Chops Bruschetta’ – so delicious, especially during the summer months! You can make the pork chops in a skillet, too!

herbed pork chops with bruschetta

This ‘Avocado Salmon Salad’ with corn is so refreshing!

avocado salmon salad with corn

If you love Mediterranean flavors, you’re going to love this ‘Mediterranean Chicken Salad’!

grilled chicken breast with salad


Keto breakfast doesn’t get any better than this ‘Asparagus & Prosciutto Frittata‘!

Asparagus Prosciutto Frittata

You can never go wrong with an easy, cheesy omelet topped with avocado – ‘Weekend Omelette’

cheese omelette with avocado

If you love to enjoy scones with your coffee in the morning, you’re going to LOVE these ‘Orange Cranberry Keto Scones’! They’re so delicious and easy to make!

keto cranberry scones with orange zest


One of my favorite keto cakes is this stunning ‘Chocolate Strawberry Cake’ with keto strawberry buttercream and rich, chocolate keto cake layers!

slice of chocolate strawberry cake, low carb, low sugar and keto

If you love chocolate, you’re going to LOVE this ‘Keto Chocolate Mousse Cake’!!

keto chocolate mousse cake with keto whipped cream

This light and fluffy ‘Berries and Cream Keto Cake’ is what keto dreams are made of!

Berries and Cream Keto Cake recipe