keto salmon salad with egg and avocado

Keto Avocado, Egg and Salmon Salad


If you’re looking to start off the new year with a diet to get you back on track to healthy eating, I have just the recipe for you! My keto diet friendly avocado, egg and salmon salad is simply the best! It packed full of nutritious ingredients without any flavor compromise! After the holiday season and eating tons of cheese and drinking lots of wine, I like to start the new year with a two week-long keto diet. I cut out sugar and carbs from my diet and focus on getting back to eating healthy. This diet can be a bit difficult, especially for me because I love chocolate and sweets!

This salad recipe will keep you going strong! I load it up with all the goods: creamy avocado, crunchy and refreshing cucumber and even a poached egg! I love how the creamy egg yolk combines with the rest of the ingredients. And the salmon is the real star of this dish! I make a crispy salmon seasoned simply with salt, pepper, a touch of dill and smoked paprika. To get those nice and crispy edges, make sure to get your pan and oil super hot, then add the fish. The hot oil will sear the top and sides of the salmon beautifully!

I dress the salad with one of my favorite seafood dressings: honey mustard dressing. If you’ve never tried this dressing, you’ll love it! It goes so well with seafood and not just this salmon! I also like to top my salad off with sliced shallots, more fresh dill and a few briny capers to really bring everything together. If you thought that diets have to be boring, this egg and salmon salad will change your mind!

Use this recipe as a guide for ingredients, not servings! You can make this salad just for yourself, for two or for a crowd!


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