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Keto Berries & Cream Cake (video)


Keto dieters – rejoice! There is a way to stick to your keto diet and enjoy a slice of cake! My berries and cream keto cake is going to satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings! This low-carb cake is made with almond flour sponge cake, granulated stevia (or erythritol), whipped cream and loads of berries. Not only only is this cake stunning, it’s also delicious and so light and fluffy! And if you’re not on the keto diet, make this cake with regular sugar and enjoy!

*Net carbs for the whole cake approximately 111 grams. With 8 servings, each serving will have approximately 14 grams. Almost all the carbs are from the berries. If you want to lower the carb count, add less berries.*

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A Low-Carb Keto Sponge Cake!

This keto cake starts with an amazing almond flour sponge cake. The secret to a fluffy sponge cake is the eggs. Whisking the eggs for about 10 minutes on high speed gives them so much volume, which is just what this cake needs. I went with almond flour for this cake since it’s very light and not too oily, which means it doesn’t weigh down the eggs. Hazelnut flour would also work well for this recipe.

And, instead of sugar, I used granulated stevia. I use a variety of stevia that’s specifically made for baking – it measures just like regular sugar so there’s no need to adjust the recipe. This cake does have a bit of an aftertaste of the stevia but the berry flavor really helps balance it out. Make sure to add the granulated stevia with the dry ingredients after whisking the eggs. Don’t want any aftertaste? Try using erythritol instead – it’s my favorite sugar replacement product!

keto berries and cream cake roll

The Berries and Cream filling!

To complement the light almond sponge cake, I went with a light and fluffy berries and cream filling: cream cheese, berries and whipped cream filling! This filling is everything! I was literally just eating it with a spoon – it’s that good! I love that berries are allowed on the keto diet, so I made sure to add tons to this recipe!

Special note: When making the filling, it’s important not to overmix on the final step! Once you have the cream whipped and cream cheese mixture ready, combine the two and mix for about 30 seconds. Overmixing can cause the filling to separate!

sliced berries and cream cake roll

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Keto Berries & Cream Cake with video recipe

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