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Coconut Kahlua Cake (video)


Calling all coconut and coffee lovers – I have the perfect coconut coffee cake for you! My Coconut Kahlua Cake is beyond delicious – every bite tastes like tropical paradise! It’s made with delicate coconut cake layers, which are soaked with Kahlua coffee liqueur and then frosted with the silkiest coffee French buttercream! And to take this cake to another level, I garnished the cake with chocolate ganache, cookies, truffles and more buttercream! You’ll love every bite!

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A few weeks ago, I released my ‘Italian Wedding Cake’ recipe with coconut cake layers and I loved the cake so much, I wanted to make another cake with the coconut cake layers! This coconut cake recipe yields the most delicate and moist coconut cake ever! I use whole-fat coconut milk and coconut extract to get the most coconut flavor. I recommend using a whole-fat milk to get the best results with this recipe.

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Maximizing the Kahlua Flavor!

This Kahlua cake is not just about the coffee but the combination of coconut AND coffee! When I first tried this cake, I instantly thought of vacation – sipping a warm cup of coffee with a hint of coconut milk, enjoying the ocean breeze…

To add that amazing Kahlua coffee flavor, I soak the delicate layers with the sweet coffee liqueur. The cake soaks up the liqueur so well, offering a taste with every bite.

  • If you don’t want to add alcohol to the recipe, substitute the liqueur with sweetened, strong espresso.

Kahlua French Buttercream

I use my chocolate French Buttercream recipe for frosting this stunning coconut cake. It’s super silky and smooth and my all-time favorite frosting! I made the recipe exactly like in my video recipe and cookbook, then added a teaspoon of coffee extract. If you want to add more Kahlua flavor, add a tablespoon to the buttercream, too. I have a separate video recipe for the French Buttercream. Watch it here for all the details!

coffee drip cake

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Coconut Kahlua Cake video recipe

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