slice of tres leches cake with coffee

Coffee Tres Leches Cake

A coffee-flavored take on the famous Tres Leches Cake! This incredibly delicious coffee cake creation will steal your heart (and taste buds)! For this coffee tres leches cake, I start out with an airy and fluffy coffee sponge cake, soak the layers with a coffee flavored milk syrup and frost with a coffee whipped cream. The coffee syrup will soak into the sponge cake layers beautifully, yielding a moist cake that melts in your mouth! Make sure to VERY generously soak the sponge cake for best results!

Make sure to watch my video recipe for all the details!

Every bite of this tres leches cake is filled with incredible coffee flavor! When making this cake, I recommend letting it sit in the refrigerator overnight for the layers to come together and set. It will be well worth the wait!

If you’ve never had a tres leches cake, you’re in for a real treat! This Mexican cake is traditionally made with a simple sponge cake that’s soaked with a combination of three different milks, hence the name!


Try garnishing the top with dollops of coffee cream, a dusting of cocoa powder and whole coffee beans.

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