peach and yogurt fruit parfait

Fruity Granola & Peach Yogurt Parfait


I love me a good granola and yogurt parfait! It’s one of my favorite afternoon snacks to enjoy, especially when I’m traveling. This super easy recipe for fruity peach parfaits doubles as a healthy, summer-time dessert and breakfast! For these fruit cups, I’m combining peaches and strawberries, coating them in honey and adding chia seeds! Then layer the fruit with a sweet and crunchy granola and creamy Greek yogurt. Feel free to add your favorite summer-time fruit to the mix such as kiwi, nectarines, raspberries, blueberries or whatever you have on hand.

 I love to make a few of these ahead of time and keep them in the refrigerate so I can have a quick and delicious snack when I need one. If you’re making these ahead of time, keep the granola separate, or add it on top so that it doesn’t get soggy from standing in fruit juice.

Watch my video recipe for all the sweet details!

Check out this close-up shot of my yogurt parfaits! I love that this recipe has so much delicious fruit and crunchy granola!

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This super easy recipe for 'Peach Fruit Parfaits' doubles as a healthy, summer-time dessert and breakfast! View Recipe Link

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