tropical fruit smoothie

Tropical Fruit Smoothie


This tropical fruit smoothie is one of the best smoothie recipes I’ve ever made or had! Really, it’s the ultimate tropical smoothie you can make! The flavors are simply amazing and will take your tastebuds right back to tropical paradise!

This rich and creamy smoothie is made with only the best ingredients! I prefer to use all fresh ingredients, not canned. This give the smoothie so much flavor. I especially love to use fresh, sweet pineapple; the canned version doesn’t do the fruit any justice. I also add loads of strawberries, kiwis, banana, blueberries and even some papaya. I like to freeze the strawberry and blueberry and use the frozen berries in place of ice. I really don’t like watered-down drinks!

To add even more tropical flavor, I use coconut milk and sweetened the fruit smoothie with raw honey instead of sugar. If you’re busy in the mornings and think you don’t have the time to make this, you do! Just prepare all your ingredients the night before and kick-start your morning with this antioxidant-rich drink!

Watch my video recipe for step-by-step instructions!

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