iced thai coffee in tall glasses

Iced Vanilla Thai Coffee


Ahh, summer! The best time of the year, filled with backyard barbecues, trips to the beach and warm weather. This iced vanilla-flavored Thai coffee is the perfect summer-time drink! It’s creamy, refreshing and has a kick of caffeine to keep you going on your busy way! You’ll find this delicious coffee drink in most coffee shops and restaurants in Thailand. It’s too bad not too many places make this incredible drink here in California!

This easy coffee drink in made with sweetened condensed milk and half-and-half, which makes this drink very rich and creamy! You can make the cream base ahead of time and store in your refrigerator for whenever you need a coffee boost! Then to enjoy, just mix the cream base together with some strong brewed coffee; you can use a french press or a few shots of espresso. Add a few ice cubes and you’re all set to enjoy your Thai coffee! Super easy and super delicious!

For all the recipe details, watch my video recipe!

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