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Affogato – Coffee Ice Cream Dessert (video)


Have you ever tried affogato? The simplicity of this Italian dessert belies its incredible flavor! For my affogato recipe, you’ll need strong coffee or espresso, caramel and vanilla ice cream, my home-made caramel sauce and some liqueurs, if you so desire. Originally made with just espresso poured over vanilla ice cream, my version amps up the flavor even more. I like to add a few splashes of Kahlua coffee rum liqueur, or sweet and creamy Bailey’s Irish Cream. This is the perfect treat to have all summer long!

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I love to order this dessert drink wherever I can, especially if the shop has caramel ice cream. It’s a great way to end the evening – a cooling dessert and drink in one! If you haven’t tried this yet, make it right now!

affogato italian coffee dessert with ice cream, coffee beans and waffles

Serving Ideas!

This is delicious Italian dessert idea is perfect for a summer barbecue! Set up an affogato bar to make it fun for everyone! Just keep all the components separate and set up a bar where guests can add their own ice cream, caramel sauce and espresso. It’s a new and unique idea!

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Affogato recipe - Italian Ice Cream Dessert

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