chocolate hazelnut ferrero rocher cake recipe

Ferrero Rocher Cake


Do you enjoy the chocolate and hazelnut flavors of the popular Ferrero Rocher candy? You’ll love those same flavors in this Ferrero Rocher cake made with hazelnuts, Frangelico, chocolate and Nutella! For this cake, I add pieces of waffle cookies for extra crunch and frost the outside of the cake with a Nutella buttercream! It’s a chocolate-lover’s dream!

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How It’s Made!

This Ferrero Rocher cake is uber rich, like biting into the decadent truffle. The chocolate cake layers are delicate, yet rich almost like a brownie and very chocolatey. The cake layers are truly delicate so I recommend allowing the layers to cool completely and even set overnight. This way, the cake will be sturdier and easier to work with. This chocolate richness is balanced with the fluffy chocolate buttercream and the bittersweet flavor of Frangelico.

Alcohol-Free Version

I get lots of questions about substituting the liqueur in this recipe. If you want to make an alcohol-free version of this cake, simply replace the Frangelico with hazelnut syrup. You can find this syrup in the coffee aisle of your local grocery store. You can also try adding a teaspoon of hazelnut extract to the buttercream and the cake batter to add extra nutty flavor. Either way, this recipe will taste amazing! (affiliate links)

Ferrero Rocher Cake recipe with chocolate buttercream

A close-up slice of my Ferrero Rocher Cake, for your enjoyment! Those rich chocolate cake layers with the buttercream and cookie bits is simply divine! I garnished my chocolate cake with pieces of butternut cookies, roasted hazelnuts and pieces of Ferrero Rocher candy.

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The Best Ferrero Rocher Cake recipe with video

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