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Triple Chocolate Crepe Cake Recipe (video)


Calling all chocoholics and chocolate lovers – this is the ultimate chocolate cake! My triple chocolate crepe cake recipe is made with decadent chocolate crepes, a two-ingredient chocolate truffle filling and topped with fluffy chocolate whipped cream. This stunning cake has a total of 40 delicate layers of crepes and truffle filling! It’s not too sweet or overwhelming and is perfect after dinner with sweet dessert wine. This is one crepe cake you must try!

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How to Make Chocolate Crepes

As implied by the title, this chocolate cake is made with crepes instead of cake layers! Making crepes is just a little time consuming but it’s time well-spent! These chocolate crepes are made with special dark cocoa powder from Hershey’s. It’s a brand that I’ve used for a long time and I love the rich chocolate flavor. Here are a few of my tips for making perfect crepes every time!

  • If you have the time, allow the refrigerated ingredients to warm up to room temperature. Cold milk can cause clumps of butter to form.
  • Use a blender to make the batter! This is the easiest way to make the smoothest crepe batter! Just place all the ingredients into a tall blender container and pulse for a few minutes. Let the batter stand for a few minutes before using.
  • Make sure your crepe pan is nice and hot! A hot pan will cook the crepes quickly and will be non-stick. A cold pan can cause the crepes to stick and cook very slowly.
  • This crepe recipe makes 20 to 22 crepes when used with an 8-inch crepe pan. These crepes are great for breakfast, too! Tr them with nutella and strawberries.

Triple Chocolate Mousse Crepe Cake

The Chocolate Truffle Filling

I went with the most amazing chocolate filling to go with the chocolate crepes. This easy two-ingredient truffle filling can’t be more perfect! Just heat the chocolate chips and heavy cream until the chocolate is smooth, then refrigerate.

Once the ganache is cooled, whisk it using a mixer and a fluffy filling forms! It’s so easy to make and perfect as a filling for this cake and it can be used as a filling for many dessert recipes! You can read more about chocolate ganache here.

Triple Chocolate Crepe Cake recipe with chocolate whipped cream
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Triple Chocolate Crepe Cake recipe with video

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