chocolate crepe cake with raspberries

Chocolate Raspberry Crepe Cake Recipe (video)


How amazing does this chocolate raspberry crepe cake look?! I love the simplicity of this chocolate raspberry cake! It’s made with delicate chocolate crepes, a fluffy raspberry and mascarpone whipped cream frosting and topped with more raspberries! This delicious chocolate crepe cake recipe is a chocolate lover’s dream and it’s great for any special occasion!

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Chocolate Crepes Recipe

For this multi-layered chocolate crepe cake recipe, I use my crepe recipe using my blender. Using a blender for the crepe recipe yields a very smooth and clump free batter. Smooth batter equals great crepes! These chocolate crepes are not very sweet, which makes them the perfect complement to the raspberry filling. This cake is not very sweet so if you want to add some sweetness, try adding more sugar to the mascarpone cream and a bit of sugar to the crepe batter. I also like to add some raspberry sauce or jam to the top. I have a few different crepe cake recipes on my blog and channel, but I always come back to this one. There’s something special about the combination of chocolate and raspberry that never gets old!

chocolate crepe cake recipe with raspberries and mint

Raspberry Mascarpone Filling

The filling for any cake is just as important as the cake layers! For this chocolate crepe cake, I went with the fluffiest and creamiest mascarpone filling with raspberries. You can use either fresh raspberries, which is my choice, or frozen thawed raspberries. Either fresh or frozen works well for this recipe. This filling, just like the chocolate crepes, is not too sweet. If you want more sweetness, add a bit more sugar.

For the ultimate raspberry flavor, try adding raspberry extract. This is my favorite one (affiliate link). And don’t forget to get some extra raspberries and mint leaves to garnish the top of the cake!

chocolate raspberry crepe with fresh raspberries and chocolate

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Chocolate Raspberry Crepe Cake recipe with video


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