raspberry mousse jello cups with champagne jello

Raspberry Mousse Jello Cups Recipe (video)


Fun and delicious raspberry mousse champagne jello cups! This amazing and elegant layered jello cup recipe is made with a layer of creamy and fruity no-bake raspberry mousse, followed with a layer of champagne jello! I add fresh raspberries to the cheesecake mousse and on the top; they look so pretty peaking through the set sparkling wine. I love the flavors of this dessert – it’s not too sweet and that raspberry mousse is simply divine! This party treat is bound to be a hit at any gathering!

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Perfect for Parties!

If you follow my channel and blog, you already know I love fruit parfaits and jello cups. They are elegant, easy to make, easy to serve and they’re perfect for parties. This treat will be the hit of your brunch, New Year’s Eve party, or for any special occasion. If you’re making these jello cups for a larger party, use disposable serving cups for easy transportation and easy cleanup.

The Raspberry Mousse

I find that raspberries are the best berries to go along with champagne and for this dessert! The raspberry layer is very similar to a no-bake cheesecake, made with cream cheese, whipped cream and gelatin. I also add sweetened condensed milk and white chocolate for a very creamy and authentic taste. I use the sweetened condensed milk in place of pastry cream or raw eggs, that are usually used to make mousse. This no-bake and no-cook version is much quicker to make!

I also added some sparkling wine extract – it adds so much great fruity flavor to the recipe. The extract is optional but can be replaced with raspberry extract.

raspberry mousse jello cups with fresh raspberries

Non-Alcoholic Alternative

These jello cups are made with real champagne, making this dessert perfectly boozy for your next party! This recipe can also be made non-alcoholic with a few simple changes! For the raspberry mousse, replace the raspberry liqueur with a teaspoon of raspberry extract, or add a few tablespoons of raspberry preserves for a more intense berry flavor. For the champagne jello layer, simply swap out the wine with white grape juice.

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Raspberry Mousse Jello Cups video recipe


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