closeup of creamy chicken pot pie

Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Noodles


Imagine enjoying the creamy, comforting flavors of a traditional chicken pot pie just out of the oven – that’s what you’ll get with this easy recipe! This creamy and smoky take on chicken pot pie in the form of a pasta dish is simply mouthwatering! There are so many things going for this dish, starting with the creamy sauce and juicy chicken. I also add bits of diced Canadian bacon for a sweet and smoky flavor which perfectly complements the other ingredients.

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This warming pasta dish is everything that I crave for once the leaves start turning yellow and the evenings get chilly! That happens pretty late here in California; it stays warm well into November, but I still love to enjoy comforting, creamy foods like this chicken dish. It has all those comforting, warming flavors and textures you crave for when the weather gets cold! I hope you enjoy it as mush as I do!



This is a dish to be enjoyed on those cold fall and winter evenings when you’re craving some warming comfort food. My chicken pot pie noodles will warm you (and a large crowd!) right up! I love that this recipe yields a good amount of pasta, perfect for reheating the next day.

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