The Best Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Recipe (video)


The best, most creamy and most flavorful macaroni and cheese recipe! My BACON mac and cheese recipe is bound to become a family favorite! This cheesy pasta dish is made with 3 different types of cheese – cheddar, gruyere and cream cheese. The cheese sauce is super creamy and dotted with bits of crispy bacon! Top it off with more bacon bits and chopped parsley for the ultimate comfort food recipe! If you’ve never tried making homemade mac and cheese, this is the recipe to try!

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How to Make Macaroni & Cheese

Making my bacon macaroni and cheese is a breeze and you can have this dish ready in under 30 minutes! I always start this recipe by getting a pot of water boiling for the pasta. I like to use traditional elbow macaroni for my recipe but really, any pasta type will work. Make sure to salt the water generously and cook the pasta to al dente. Drain the pasta and let it stand while you’re making the cheese sauce.

For the super creamy cheese sauce, I like to save the bacon fat from rendering my bacon slices. The extra fat adds so much incredible flavor to the sauce! I make my cheese sauce with a simple butter and flour roux base. Roux is a paste of butter and flour combined together, used to thicken the sauce. Cook the roux for at least a minute to prevent the sauce from tasting like raw flour. When adding the milk, add it 1 cup at a time and whisk vigorously after each addition. It will look clumpy at first but keep adding the rest of the milk and whisking until it’s smooth. I also like to add a cup of chicken or veggie broth to add more flavor. If you want and extra rich sauce, substitute 1 cup of the whole milk with 1 cup heavy cream.

3 Cheese Types!

Next up, the cheese!! I love to add a good amount of sharp, aged cheddar cheese. It adds the most flavor! I also add a bit of nutty and sweet gruyere cheese. If you can’t find it, try using parmesan, mozzarella or aged white cheddar. And last, cream cheese. The cream cheese makes this cheese sauce extra creamy! If you don’t like cream cheese, mascarpone will also work well for this recipe. Cook the cheese sauce over LOW heat to allow the cheese to melt slowly until it’s super smooth and creamy. I recommend using a whisk to break up the cream cheese.

Once the cheese sauce is ready, pour it over the prepared pasta and let it stand for about 5 minutes to thicken. Top with extra bacon bits and chopped parsley for garnish and enjoy the ultimate comfort food recipe! This pasta is best enjoyed fresh, when the cheese sauce is creamy. If you are reheating this dish, I recommend doing so on the stove top and adding a bit of chicken or veggie broth to reconstitute the sauce.

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