caramel cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate garnishes

Almond Roca Cake


The Almond Roca Cake – an epic cake creation inspired by the famous confectionary! This caramel almond and chocolate cake will steal your heart (and your taste buds!)! I love the sweet and crunchy Almond Roca candy and wanted to create a cake that captured all the flavors and textures of this treat! This almond roca cake is made with caramel almond cake layers dotted with loads of crunchy almond pieces, frosted with my salted caramel frosting, filled with almond roca candy pieces and topped with chocolate ganache. It’s the perfect cake for your next special occasion!

Watch my video recipe for all the details and learn how to make those elegant white chocolate garnishes!

Every bite of this cake is filled with exciting textures and flavors! I love the combination of caramel frosting, chocolate and almond roca pieces. The cake layers themselves are not too sweet, only sweetened with dulce de leche, making this cake well-balanced.


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You’ll need one recipe of my ‘Salted Caramel Frosting’, which you can find here; it’s great for any cake!

Can’t find dulce de leche in your grocery store? You can also use my home-made caramel sauce for this recipe!

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I love these aluminum round cake pans for baking. And use these pre-cut parchment paper rounds to save time.
The classic KitchenAid stand mixer is a must in every kitchen.
Use this set of jumbo cake decorating tips with these disposable pastry bags for decorating the cake.
And these off-set spatulas and this bench scrapper are a must for cake decorating.


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