caramel coffee macaron cake with macarons

Caramel Coffee Macaron Cake


I’m taking my favorite macaron recipe and turning it into a macaron cake!! This caramel coffee macaron cake is not only beautiful but also amazingly delicious! The coffee macaron discs are filled with salted caramel frosting and simple coffee custard. This cake is fit for any special occasion!

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All About The Flavor!

My all-time favorite macaron flavor is coffee with salted caramel! I love how the bitter coffee offsets the sweetness of the macaron and the salted caramel filling just makes it even better. Those amazing flavors are the inspiration for this macaron cake! To get the strongest coffee flavor without adding additional moisture to the batter, I add instant coffee powder. I pulse the coffee with the almond flour and sugar to break it down.

coffee macaron


I have a separate video recipe for my ‘Salted Caramel Frosting’ – it’s actually one of the most popular on my blog! It’s perfect for frosting cakes and cupcakes and filling desserts like this one! Watch my video and get the recipe here:

So that my coffee cake wouldn’t be too sweet, I also filled it with a simply coffee custard. I have a dedicated video recipe for making custard and in place of the vanilla, I added 1 teaspoon of coffee extract. If you don’t have the extract, just add 1 tablespoon of instant coffee into the custard once it’s done cooking. Watch my video and get the recipe here:

My Secret Ingredient For a Successful Cake!

While most macaron recipes are gluten-free, this version is not. My version includes just a touch of all-purpose flour that plays a huge role in making this recipe work! Since the macaron discs are so large, the weight of the batter weighs them down, causing them to collapse in the middle. The addition of gluten helps keep the layers light, fluffy and prevents them from collapsing! You can use this little trick for other macaron recipes if you’re having a hard time keeping your macarons full and fluffy!

caramel coffee macaron

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