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I still can’t believe I did it! I wrote my very first cookbook!! Saying and writing that still sounds surreal to me! My passion for baking and cakes has taken me further than I ever could have imagined and this cake cookbook, The European Cake Cookbook , is the culmination of all my work and aspirations!

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Get a Peek Inside the Book!

The European Cake Cookbook is a collection of European cakes like none other! Discover a new world of decadence from the celebrated traditions of European baking! This incredible book contains 65 all-new, never before published recipes from all over Europe. You’ll love the combination of extravagant cake creations alongside simple, everyday recipes to enjoy any day. This book has a cake fit for every occasion, for every day and for everyone!

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What’s Inside the Cookbook

The book is broken down into chapters by regions of Europe, beginning with a chapter for Eastern Europe, my home region. It’s such an honor to be able to celebrate my heritage in my very first cookbook. I selected all my favorite Eastern European recipes such as Bird’s Bild Torte, Smetanik, Zefir Torte and Ukrainian cheesecake! For each region, I wanted to emphasize the traditional cakes and desserts, sharing with you classic cakes and new, inspired cake creations.

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The Best of Europe

So what makes this cake cookbook different from every other book on the shelf? European cakes are different from American cakes on many levels, starting with the flavors and textures. Most of these cakes aren’t as sweet as those found at most American bakeries. They’re also all about the flavor – fruit, chocolate and cream. The cheesecakes are made with ricotta cheese and mascarpone instead of regular cream cheese, resulting in a fluffier and lighter cake. The frostings are also lighter and more flavorful, with recipes such as French buttercream and fluffy whipped cream frosting.

Recipes From the Book!

Get a special preview of the cakes inside my cookbook with these incredible recipes! These cakes are straight out of the book and with video recipes to guide you along the way!

  • Peach Zefir Torte – the very first cake in my cookbook is this stunning peaches and cream cake with peach marshmallow layers!
peach zefir recipe with dollops of cream
  • Italian Coconut Cream Cake – the most delicate and delicious coconut cake with fluffy coconut whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes!
  • Lemon Meringue Cake – light and fluffy lemon cake with torched meringue frosting! The cake is filled with zesty lemon curd!
lemon meringue cake on rhinestone stand with torched meringue
  • French Buttercream Recipe – you’ll see this recipe again and again in my cookbook! It’s my all-time favorite frosting! You’ll love this silky smooth European buttercream!

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