peaches and cream russian cake with peach marshmallow

Peach Cake Recipe with Zefir Layers

Peach is THE flavor of summer and THIS is going to be the cake of this summer! My peach cake with zefir layers is beyond incredible. This Russian cake recipe is super light and fluffy and packed with so much fruity, juicy peach flavor, you’ll want to make this peach cake for every occasion! It’s made with airy sponge cake layers, Russian marshmallow aka zefir, and fluffy whipped cream frosting! It’s the ultimate peaches and cream cake!

This epic cake creation is from my dessert cookbook, The European Cake Cookbook. It’s the very first recipe in a comprehensive collection of 65 new cake recipes. If you haven’t already purchased your copy, you can order it here!

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Making This Peach Cake

Let’s talk about all the incredible ingredients that go into my peach cake. Everything about this cake is uber light, airy and creamy! I start with a simple sponge cake recipe with a bit of almond flour to make the layers even more delicate. Since sponge cakes are dry, it’s the perfect choice for adding the peach preserve filling. I simply combine peach preserves with a sweet wine (you can use white grape juice for a non-alcoholic version), then soak the layer with the resulting mixture. Next, I add a generous amount of simple whipped cream frosting between the sponge cake layers.

slice of peach cake with sponge cake and whipped cream

Easy Sponge Cake

This incredible peach cake is made with my classic vanilla sponge cake recipe! I use this recipe for so many of my cakes because it’s easy to make and perfect every time! I have a separate in-depth tutorial for the sponge cake that you can see HERE if you want more details!

sliced peaches and cream cake with real peaches and peach zefir

How To Make Zefir

The main attraction of this peach cake is the zefir, or marshmallow. This Eastern European / Russian recipe yields a super light and fluffy marshmallow that simply melts in your mouth! It’s made with agar gelatin so it sets quickly and at room temperature. If you’ve never tried zefir before, you are in for a real treat! I usually have some extra marshmallow left over so I use it to make meringue kisses, which are great on their own as a sweet treat! Just pipe the meringue onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and sprinkle them with confectioner’s sugar right after piping. Allow the meringue to stand for 30 minutes, then enjoy! Store in airtight container.

peach zefir torte with fresh peaches and sponge cake

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Peaches & Cream Marshmallow Cake video recipe

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Get a candy thermometer to make sure the candy syrup reaches the right temp!

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