raspberry peach cake with raspberry frosting, with raspberries and peaches

Raspberry Peach Cake Recipe (video)


This bright and fruity cake is the essence of summer! My Raspberry Peach Cake recipe is made with vanilla, peach and raspberry cake layers dotted with fresh raspberries and frosted with a creamy raspberry whipped cream frosting. I fill the inside with diced peaches soaked in peach and raspberry liqueur. Every bite of this summer cake is bursting with fruity and delicious flavor! I garnish the top with more peaches, raspberries and edible flowers to make this cake look extra special! It’s the perfect choice for any occasion!

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Raspberry Peach Cake Layers

This stunning raspberry peach cake is made with the most delicious, fruity cake layers! I start with my basic vanilla buttermilk batter, then I add in a few teaspoons of peach extract and vanilla extract. This is the peach extract that I love to use HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link). It’s very true to actual flavor and adds great flavor to the cake. I also add whole, fresh raspberries into the cake batter once I have the cake batter premeasured in my cake pans. You can also use frozen berries, just thaw them out beforehand. By adding the raspberries into the cake batter, you’ll have berry flavor with every bite!

I used three, 8-inch cake pans for my video recipe. You can also use two, 9-inch pans for this recipe.

slice of raspberry cake filled with peaches

Raspberry Frosting – 2 Options!

You can make this incredible peach raspberry cake with two different frostings: my ‘Berry Whipped Cream Frosting’, or my Raspberry Buttercream’! I used the whipped cream frosting for my video recipe because I love the creamy texture and it goes very well with the raspberries. My whipped cream frosting is a little softer and harder to work with. If you want a sturdier frosting, try the buttercream recipe instead. Both frosting recipes will taste fantastic with the moist and fruity cake layers!

Diced Peach Filling

This cake has all the peach flavor, including a fresh peach filling! For the filling, I dice a few peaches into small, pea-sized pieces and place them into a mixing bowl. If you’re making this cake out of season, canned peaches will also work well. Next, I pour a little peach liqueur and raspberry liqueur over the top and toss the fruit. I recommend letting the fruit stand in the liqueur for about an hour, tossing it every 15 to 20 minutes. Later, I drain the liqueur and use it soak the cake layers! My recipe will make extra diced peaches that you can serve on the side with every slice.

peach raspberry cake topped with berries and fruit

Can I Skip the Liqueur?

Yes, you can absolutely skip the alcohol for this peach cake recipe! Instead of the raspberry and peach liqueur, you can use a simple syrup (1 cup water + ½ cup sugar), or you can use a peach juice instead.

Assembling the Cake

Once I have all the different cake components ready, it’s time to assemble this raspberry peach cake! Here’s how it’s done:

  • Always, always make sure the cake layers are completely cooled before starting, otherwise the frosting will melt! Level the tops of each layer with a serrated knife.
  • Drain the liqueur from the peaches and use a pastry brush to lightly soak each cake layer.
  • Pipe a barrier ring of frosting around the edge of the cake layers to keep the peach filling securely inside the cake, then fill the inside with a layer of diced peaches.
  • To keep the diced peaches in place, frost the next cake layer first, then invert the frosted side onto the diced peaches. Super easy trick when you have a fruit filling!
  • Frost the top and sides of the cake with a crumb coat of frosting, then chill for 30 minutes before adding the final layer of frosting.
  • Garnish the top with more raspberries, sliced peaches and edible flowers!
  • Enjoy! You can enjoy the cake right away, or keep it stored in the fridge until you’re ready to enjoy.

sliced raspberry peach cake with raspberry frosting and diced peaches

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Raspberry Peach Cake Recipe video recipe


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