The Best Raspberry Buttercream Recipe (video)


The best ever raspberry buttercream recipe with real raspberry flavor! If you’re looking for an amazing, fruity, delicious and pipeable raspberry frosting, this recipe is it! I make my berry buttercream with a zesty raspberry sauce, softened butter and confectioner’s sugar. You can actually smell the real raspberries in this frosting recipe! This recipe is part of my ‘Back to Cake Basics’ series, where I share basic cake, frosting and filling recipes you can mix and match for any cake recipe! I use this frosting for my ‘Chocolate Raspberry Cake’ recipe!

*Use this frosting for cakes, cupcakes, macarons and other pastries! This recipe will frost 24 cups; one 3-layer, 8-inch cake; or one 2-layer, 9-inch cake.

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Making the Raspberry Sauce

I make my raspberry buttercream recipe with real berry flavor!! It’s the best way to add flavor, color and aroma to any frosting! Before starting on the buttercream itself, I make an easy raspberry sauce. To prepare the sauce, I combine frozen or fresh raspberries with a bit of sugar and cook the berries for a few minutes until a jam forms. Next, I strain the berries through a fine mesh strainer and discard the seeds, keeping just the smooth and fruity raspberry sauce. I recommend refrigerating this sauce while you’re preparing the buttercream.

You can also use store-bought raspberry jelly for this recipe! I recommend using a seedless version if you can find it. Using a raspberry jelly will not give the frosting same intense raspberry flavor though, so if you want flavor, prepare the sauce!

Preparing the Buttercream

Making this berry buttercream is super easy if you follow my step-by-step instructions! Whenever I’m planning to make a buttercream frosting, I take out the butter to soften at room temperature at least 1 to 2 hours beforehand. You want the butter to be softened but not melted!! If your butter becomes too soft, place it back into the refrigerator to chill. If the butter is too soft, the frosting will stay flat and will not become fluffy. Here are more tips to follow:

  • Whisk the softened, unsalted butter on high speed for 7 to 10 minutes all by itself, until the butter is light, fluffy and pale white in color. I recommend scrapping down the sides of the mixing bowl often to make sure all the butter is well-mixed.
  • Add the confectioner’s sugar next! Once I add the sugar, I start the mixer out on a low speed first until the sugar is incorporated. Otherwise, the sugar will fly everywhere!
  • Scrape down the sides of your mixing bowl OFTEN!! This will ensure that every bit of butter is well mixed and incorporated. There’s nothing worse than having a clump of butter in your frosting!

Adding the Raspberry Flavor

When making my raspberry buttercream frosting, it’s very important to add the raspberry sauce at the very end! Whenever you are adding fruit jams or jellies to a buttercream frosting, it’s crucial to add it at the very end once the buttercream is formed and ready to be used. Adding it earlier in the process will cause the raspberry buttercream to separate! I add in the chilled raspberry sauce and mix on medium speed for 15 to 20 seconds. I recommend mixing for a maximum of 30 seconds with a mixer and finish mixing by hand if necessary. This is also the perfect time to add a few drops of concentrated red food coloring, if desired, to add more color.

Perfect with These Recipes!

This incredible berry buttercream is so great with many different recipes! You can use it frosting for cakes, cupcakes, macarons, pastries and just about any dessert where you need some incredible frosting! Here are some of my suggestions for this recipe:

  • Chocolate Raspberry Cake – the ultimate raspberry cake with crushed berry filling, this raspberry buttercream and rich chocolate cake layers!
  • Matcha Raspberry Cake – use this raspberry buttercream for my matcha green tea cake with raspberry filling!
  • Strawberry Cupcakes – use my original recipe and replace the strawberries with raspberries and top with this incredible frosting.
  • Lemon Raspberry Macarons – consider using my berry frosting with my favorite raspberry macarons for even more flavor!
  • Raspberry Lemon Cake – use this frosting recipe as a filling for this incredible zesty and fruity cake!

Storing Buttercream

I get asked this question very often – can I refrigerate my frosting for later? Yes, you can! This frosting can be refrigerated and used for later. I recommend transferring the frosting into a smaller bowl, then covering the frosting very well with plastic wrap. Keep the buttercream in the refrigerate for up to 1 week. When ready to use, remove it from the fridge and allow the frosting to soften at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours. Once softened, mix it well with a spatula until the frosting is uniform and smooth. If needed, re-whisk for a few minutes until the buttercream is fluffy again.

More Recipes!

My raspberry buttercream recipe is part of my ‘Back to Cake Basics’ series, where I share basic cake, frosting and filling recipes you can mix and match for any cake recipe! Check out some of my other recipes from the series!

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