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Lemon Raspberry Macarons Recipe (video)


Macarons – the elusive, dreamy cookie recipe that haunts home pastry chefs! These little finicky cookies are a real treat to enjoy and can be a real treat to make, once you get a hang of it! This French macaron recipe for  sweet raspberry macarons filled with a tart lemon filling is the first macaron recipe I ever tried! To add the most raspberry flavor, I add freeze dried raspberry powder to the macaron batter for real raspberry flavor, plus some more on top as garnish. The zesty lemon buttercream filling is the perfect complement to the sweet raspberry cookies!

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Tips For Macaron Success!

I won’t lie – I took me three attempts at this recipe before getting it right! I was so frustrated by round 3, I almost gave up on making them again! But I’m so glad I pushed myself to try again and again. Now, I absolutely LOVE making macarons! They’re one of my favorite desserts to make and I experiment with different flavors all the time. In my video tutorial, I’m breaking down the recipe to show you to make these elegant cookies! Here are a few crucial tips for making these cookies:

  • Whisk the egg whites just until they reach stiff peak stage. Under mixing will result in a flat batter; over mixing can cause the cookies to spread while baking.
  • Fold the batter thoroughly, flattening the egg whites against the side of your mixing bowl. BUT, be careful – you don’t want to over mix the batter! That will also cause your cookies to be just flat, shapeless disks.
  • Allow those cookies to REST! Let the cookies stand for an hour at room temperature, allowing a thin shell to form on the outside. This shell gives the cookies their shape so it’s crucial! If your macarons are cracking on top, you might need to let the cookies rest longer. If you live in a humid climate, extend the timing even more as humidity and moisture will prevent a shell from forming.

lemon raspberry macarons with lemon buttercream filling

Storing Macarons

These raspberry macarons are perfect all on their own, or you can use them to garnish a cake (I do that all the time!). Once you have the cookies assembled, I recommend placing them into an airtight container and set them into the refrigerator to ‘mature’ for 1 to 3 days. This will allow the macaron shell to soften, creating an unforgettable cookie! When you’re ready to enjoy them, simply take them out of the refrigerator about an hour before serving them, to allow the filling to thaw.

Lemon Buttercream

These delicate raspberry cookies are filled with a simple lemon buttercream made with lemon juice and lemon zest! This recipe would also work great with my newest Lemon Buttercream recipe, featuring lemon extract and citrus acid to make the lemon filling extra tart!

fluffy lemon buttercream recipe; lemon frosting

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Lemon Raspberry Macarons video recipe
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