lemon meringue cake on rhinestone stand with torched meringue

Lemon Meringue Cake Recipe (video)


As far as lemon cakes go, this lemon meringue cake takes the cake! One of my all-time favorite lemon cake recipes and it’s from my cookbook, The European Cake Cookbook! And what’s not to love about this beauty?! It’s made with zesty, lemon cake layers; the best homemade lemon curd made even better with meyer lemons; and a mountain of the fluffiest meringue frosting, torched to perfection. If you love lemons, you have to make this cake!

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All That Lemon Flavor!

The reason why I love lemon flavor for cakes is simple – the zestiness helps breakup the sweetness of the cake and frosting. Lemon really helps balance out the flavors, in desserts and savory dishes alike. For this recipe, I just happen to have a box of meyer lemons. They are simply the best! If you are able to find meyer lemons for this cake recipe, make sure to use them! They have a remarkable lemon flavor without being overly sour.

To add the most amount of zestiness to this recipe, I add fresh lemon zest straight into the cake batter. I like to use at least two extra large lemons for the optimum amount of flavor. I also like to add a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice to the meringue once it’s reached stiff peaks – the little bit of lemon juice makes a huge difference!

lemon meringue cake on pretty stand with torched meringue

A Few Tips for a Perfect Cake!

Here are a few tips to follow to make this lemon meringue cake perfect! I used my ‘Basic Vanilla Cake’ for this recipe. Watch me make this cake in a separate video.

  • Allow the cake layers to cool completely before slicing them in half and using for this cake.
  • Allow the lemon curd to cool completely, too. Make sure to cover the lemon curd with plastic to prevent a film from forming on the outside. The lemon curd can be made the day before, or even a few days beforehand.
  • Make sure your mixer bowl is SUPER clean when making the meringue. I recommend washing your bowl and whisk attachment with vinegar and a degreasing soap. Even a tiny amount of oil/fat will make the meringue fall flat and you’ll never get those stiff peaks.
  • Allow the cake to chill in the refrigerator before attempting to move it or serve it. The meringue will be very soft at first, but will set more.

small jar of home-made lemon curd with meyer lemons

Homemade Lemon Curd

The best lemon filling for any cake is homemade lemon curd and and my easy recipe is out of this world! It’s so good and you’ll never want to buy lemon curd again! Make sure to watch my video recipe on ‘How to Make Lemon Curd’ for an in-depth tutorial! And make sure to have some extra on the side when serving the cake!

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Lemon Meringue Cake with video recipe

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