berry bundt cake with raspberry, blueberry and blackberry

Very Berry Bundt Cake Recipe (video)


If you’re looking for a simple and delicious cake recipe, this is the one! This moist and fruity berry bundt cake will fit the bill perfectly! It’s so delicious and made with lots of butter, white chocolate and of course, loads of fresh berries! Enjoy a slice of this cake with hot coffee in the morning or a glass of wine after dinner!  It’s one of those cakes that you can enjoy all week long. I like to keep mine on a tray wrapped with plastic and reheat a slice in the morning. This cake is so good when enjoyed warm!

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Making the Best Bundt Cake

My secret to creating the most incredible bundt cake? Two ingredients: butter and chocolate! These two combined together create an unforgettable cake that simple melts in your mouth. For this recipe, I used melted white chocolate to add extra moisture to the cake. If you’re concerned about the sweetness, you can reduce the amount of sugar from 1 cup to 3/4 cup or even 1/2 cup. The white chocolate doesn’t add flavor but it does add an incredible amount of moisture!

triple berry bundt cake with simple glaze and fresh berries

Tips for Making Bundt Cake

I love bundt cakes because they’re so easy to make and delicious! When making this simple cake, follow these tips for a perfect cake each time!

  • Always, ALWAYS flour the cake tin! I like to use a starched baking spray that has either flour or cornstarch. If you don’t have a spray, first butter the pan with softened butter, then add a few tablespoons of flour and turn the pan until it’s well coated. Tap out any excess flour.
  • Toss the berries in cornstarch or flour. This will help keep the berries suspended in the cake batter and will also keep the berry juices from running.
  • Once the cake is done baking, allow it to stand right side up for about 15 to 20 minutes, then invert onto a cake stand and cool completely.
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Triple Berry Bundt Cake video recipe


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A berry bundt cake that's perfect with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine after dinner! Moist, delicious and very berry! View Recipe Link

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