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Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake Recipe (video)


Super easy and delicious! This blueberry lemon bundt cake with lemon icing is bound to become a favorite! It’s always one of my favorite choices when I need an easy cake recipe! My blueberry lemon cake is made with loads of fresh blueberries, LOTS of lemon zest (the more, the better!) and an easy lemon icing that requires just 2 ingredients! This bundt cake recipe is great as a coffee cake in the morning with a cup of coffee; or, enjoy it after dinner for dessert!

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How to Make Blueberry Lemon Cake

I love this bundt cake recipe because it’s super easy and comes together in no time! You can have it baking in the oven in under 20 minutes! Always start any cake recipe off by preheating the oven, in this case to 350F/177C. A preheated oven is a must if you want the recipe to turn out well. Have your butter at room temperature or place it into the microwave to warm up quickly. Here’s a quick tip for warming up butter quickly: place the butter sticks up right on a tray/plate and microwave in 10 second intervals, rotating the stick of butter every 10 seconds. I usually do 20 to 30 seconds total and the butter is perfect! Cream the butter and sugar together first before adding the remaining ingredients. Follow with the white chocolate, eggs, vanilla and milk. Sift in the flour and dry ingredients and stir those just until combined; never over-mix once you’ve added the flour!

*Note on the white chocolate: I like to add melted white chocolate to this recipe because it adds extra moisture to the cake and makes it unbelievably soft! If you don’t like white chocolate, don’t worry! It doesn’t add white chocolate flavor and I highly recommend adding it!*

And now for the blueberries and lemon zest! I recommend using fresh blueberries for this recipe; they really do work best. If you have frozen berries, thaw them first in a large bowl and drain any liquids. Make sure to toss the berries in cornstarch or flour. This helps keep the berry juices together, creating little pots of berry jam. It also helps suspend the berries in the batter. Zest a few large lemons and add the lemon zest along with the berries into the cake. I like to add lots of lemon zest; the more, the better in my opinion! I love this OXO Zester because it’s very sturdy and works so well (affiliate link)!

close up slice of blueberry lemon cake with lemon icing and fresh blueberries

Preparing Your Bundt Pan

It’s super important to prepare your bundt cake pan properly, otherwise you will not be able to get your blueberry lemon cake out of the pan in one piece! This is the non-stick bundt pan I have (affiliate link). There are two methods of doing this:

  • Using softened butter, coat the inside of the pan with an even layer of butter. Next, add approximately 1/4 cup (30 g) of all-purpose flour and rotate the pan until the entire surface is well coated; add more flour as needed. I recommend doing this over your sink or trash bin to avoid getting the flour everywhere!
  • Use a baking spray with starch or flour. I prefer this method because it’s super simple and has never failed me! This is the product I used in my video: PAM Baking Spray (affiliate link).

Bake the blueberry lemon bundt cake at 350F/177C for 50 to 55 minutes. I recommend testing the cake using the toothpick method. Insert a toothpick or slender knife into the center and when it  comes out clean, without any unbaked cake batter, the cake is ready! Take it out of the oven and let it stand in the cake pan on a wire rack for about 30 minutes. Invert a cake stand onto the pan, then turn it right side up. Give the cake pan a few hard taps to release it from the pan.

easy cake recipe idea - blueberry lemon bundt cake with lemon icing

The Lemon Icing

I love this bundt cake recipe with a simple lemon icing! It’s made with fresh lemon juice and confectioner’s sugar. You can make the glaze thin or thick by adjusting the amount of sugar you add. Make the lemon icing and drizzle it over the cake when cooled. The cake can stand at room temperature for 1 day, then I recommend refrigerating it. Just place it into an airtight container or plastic bag. When ready to enjoy, reheat a slice in the microwave for 15 seconds for a fresh-baked tasting cake! If desired, you can also enjoy this cake with my ‘Easy Lemon Curd’ recipe. Use the lemon juice from the zested lemon to make it!

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EASY Blueberry Lemon Bundt Cake video recipe


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