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Strawberry Basil Cake (video)


If you’ve never tried strawberry and basil together, you’re in for a treat with my Strawberry Basil Cake! The flavor combination is delicious, unique and extraordinary! This strawberry cake is made with vanilla strawberry cake layers, filled with a basil whipped cream frosting, and then frosted with a strawberry buttercream. A white chocolate glaze and fresh strawberries offer the perfect finish! This unique cake flavor is perfect for birthdays and other special celebrations!

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Strawberry and basil together is the newest culinary flavor twist. I previously made Strawberry Basil Eclairs and Strawberry Basil Cupcakes and both times I was blown away with the flavor! It’s so unique and different, yet it works so well for desserts! To add the most basil flavor, I use a whole bunch of fresh basil for the filling combined with confectioner’s sugar. It makes for a sweet and herbaceous filling!

strawberry basil cake sliced open with cake slice on a plate

All That Strawberry Flavor!

For the strawberry cake layers, I used my ‘Basic Vanilla Cake’ recipe, then added the strawberry flavor. This basic vanilla cake recipe is great for so many different recipes – just add extracts, fruit preserves, chocolate or other fillings. For my strawberry basil cake, I used chunky strawberry preserves and a bit of strawberry emulsion. This concentrated extract also includes color, which is perfect for this recipe. I use this Lorann Oils Strawberry Emulsion (affiliate link).

The strawberry emulsion is also great for adding tons of strawberry flavor to the buttercream. Adding certain flavors to buttercream can be tricky and this is especially true with fruity buttercream recipes. Adding too much liquid or acid to a buttercream can cause it to break or separate. For this strawberry buttercream, I added just enough strawberry preserves to add the appearance of strawberry, then added the emulsion to add the flavor. It’s important to add the preserves at the very end of the recipe. First, make the buttercream super light and fluffy, then add the preserves and mix just until combined, about 15 to 20 seconds.

Strawberry Basil Cake topped with strawberries on red cake stand

top of strawberry cake with fresh strawberries on red stand

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