strawberry basil eclairs with strawberry glaze

Strawberry Basil Eclairs


The perfect dessert for spring, summer and any holidays in between! These strawberry basil eclairs are simply amazing! If you’ve never had a strawberry basil dessert, this recipe will blow your mind! These eclairs are filled with a light and fluffy basil whipped cream, dipped in white chocolate ganache and topped with fresh sliced strawberries!

Watch my video recipe for all the details for making these strawberry basil eclairs.

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This dessert is not only pretty, it’s also so fun to make! Eclairs may look intimidating but they’re actually quite simple to make. I use a simple pate a choux recipe, then add the filling and topping. For the strawberry component, I add fresh strawberries right on top of the eclairs. I recommend doing it right before serving the eclairs so that the berries stay fresh. Once you have the eclairs assembled and glazed, keep them stored in the refrigerator, single layer on a tray, until  you’re ready to garnish and serve.


Check out the fluffy basil filling on the inside! The basil whipped cream filling is heavenly! It’s made with a fresh bundle of basil, cream cheese (you can use mascarpone) and white chocolate. This choice as an eclair filling goes so well with the strawberries on top! This filling would taste delicious in a cake, too!

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