cream puffs with strawberries

Strawberry Cream Puffs


What’s better than a light and fluffy cream puff?! Strawberry cream puffs! These delicate profiteroles are filled with a dreamy, cream strawberry filling and dusted with confectioner’s sugar for a simple and elegant finish. These are perfect for a special occasion, or for that dessert lover that likes their sweets on the less sweet side!

Watch my video recipe for all the details.

I love the sweet and fluffy whipped cream filling! If you find that your filling is a bit runny, just place it into the refrigerator for 30 minutes. And, keep the cream puffs refrigerated until you’re ready to serve them. Add a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar right before serving, too!

Profiteroles are actually quite easy to make at home! I had a hesitation about making them for the longest time, but once you actually try making them, you’ll want to make them all the time! The pate a choux dough used to make these cream puffs is super simple and requires just 5 ingredients! You can use this basic recipe for profiteroles for any type of filling, even savory!


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