pan seared garlic baby potatoes

Pan-Seared Garlic Potatoes


These pan-seared baby potatoes with garlic butter are THE side dish for any meal! I wish you guys could simply smell the aroma of these through your screen! The garlic butter adds an oven-roasted garlic-y flavor to this dish that makes these potatoes irresistible! Serve these delicious garlic potatoes with barbecued meats, salads, steaks and chicken. It’s a great side dish for the summer months, or try it with your Thanksgiving turkey!

Growing up, my family had a large garden in the backyard and one of my favorite things to enjoy was young baby potatoes just taken out of the ground. They tasted soo good and had a unique flavor that you just don’t get with store-bought potatoes. I still crave for that flavor to this day! We would par-boil the potatoes, then pan sear them loads of butter and a bit of garlic. Making this recipe now brings back warm childhood memories for me!

Watch my video recipe for all the details!


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Serve these potatoes with a meat entree and my ‘Cucumber Cabbage Salad’! You’ll love the refreshing flavors of this salad, made with cucumber and toasted almonds.


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