breakfast potatoes with carrots and eggs

Breakfast Potatoes – Жареная Картошка


An easy, delicious and aromatic recipe for breakfast potatoes – the best side dish for any breakfast! My Ukrainian parents always made us this potato dish on the weekends! This dish is so simple, requiring just a few ingredients, but the flavor and aroma is out of this world! It’s made with diced potatoes, carrots, onion and bit of fresh dill. Top with poached eggs, or serve with a side of your favorite style of eggs.

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I grew up eating this dish at least once a week; making it always brings back warm, childhood memories. If my dad was making breakfast or brunch, there was a 50% chance that we were having this dish. He would mix it up by adding sausage or some other type of meat to make it interesting. I serve these potatoes with poached eggs, but if you’re not a fan of running yolks (but, seriously, they’re the best!), any type of egg will work. Seriously drooling over this dish just looking at this photo! I can literally smell the aroma of these potatoes cooking on the stove-top. So much nostalgia in one recipe!

Don’t limit this dish only to breakfast! These potatoes can also double as a great side-dish to any meat entree. Just leave off the eggs and serve the potatoes as a side dish to your favorite steak or grilled meat. I also like to serve this potato recipe with grilled chicken kabobs and a side of kale salad! 

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