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Irish Cream Chocolate Mint Cheesecake (video)

The best mint cheesecake! This decadent cheesecake is made with a rich chocolate cake base that’s soaked with loads Irish cream. It’s topped with a minty green cheesecake layer made with even more Irish cream and dotted with Andy’s chocolate mint candy. And, to top it all off, I added some minty Irish cream whipped cream, drizzled melted chocolate and some chocolate mint macarons. Perfect for the holidays!

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Chocolate Cake Base

I used my ‘Best Chocolate Cake’ recipe for the base for this cake. It’s chocolate-y, fudge-y and rich; the perfect complement for the creamy mint cheesecake. I have a separate, in-depth tutorial for this cake recipe! I made half of the original recipe and to make it easy for you, I included those measurements below (and the video)! Soak the cake layer with extra Irish cream for even more flavor!

The Mint Chocolate Macarons!

And to garnish this decadent holiday cheesecake, I added more Irish whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, sprinkles and my Mint Chocolate Macarons! I LOVE these minty macarons on top of the cheesecake! They’re the perfect finish to this holiday cake, making it extra festive! I dip the macarons into chocolate to add even more chocolate. This macaron recipe makes about 18 to 20 cookies so you can serve extras on the side!

Watch my video recipe to see how these mint cookies are made!

chocolate mint macarons
Substitutions & Tips

Here are a few suggestions for popular substitution questions that I receive regarding this recipe:

  • Need a non-alcoholic version of this cake? You can replace the Irish cream with an Irish cream-flavored coffee creamer, or use heavy cream with Irish cream extract.
  • If you don’t have time to bake the chocolate cake base, try this recipe with chocolate graham crackers. You’ll need 1 1/2 cups (about 10 crackers) and 1/4 cup melted butter. Pulse the crackers in a food processor until the cookies are broken into fine crumbs, then pour in the melted butter. Press the cookies firmly into the bottom of the pan and proceed with the recipe!
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