zucchini noodles with pork

Garlic & Herb Sirloin with Avocado Zoodle Salad


Looking for a delicious dinner you can have ready in 30 minutes? Give this one a try! Juicy, tender, oven-roasted ‘Garlic & Herb’ pork sirloin served with a creamy avocado zoodle salad, loaded with sweet bell peppers and carrots for extra crunch. Zoodles, or zucchini noodles, are all the rage right now! If you haven’t tried these yet, you’re in for a real treat. They’re a great alternative to regular pasta and taste great with my home-made avocado-cilantro dressing. I picked up a vegetable spiralizer at Sur La Table and you can also find them online on Amazon.

For this 30 minute meal, I partnered with Smithfield, serving my zoodles with Smithfield’s Marinated Fresh Pork Sirloin in ‘Garlic and Herb’ flavor. Smithfield uses 100% fresh pork for their marinated sirloins and they come in other great flavors like ‘Teriyaki & Peppercorn’ and ‘Peppercorn & Garlic’. And if you’re looking for fresh pork for other recipes, Smithfield Marinated Fresh Pork is available in a variety of cuts and flavors. For more 30-minute meals like this one and for more recipe inspiration, head over to Smithfield.com and make sure to check them out on Facebook.com/CookingwithSmithfield

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Juicy, tender, oven-roasted 'Garlic & Herb' pork sirloin served with a creamy avocado zoodle salad, loaded with peppers and carrots for extra crunch. View Recipe Link

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