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Dutch Baby Pancake (video)


Ready to transform your breakfast? The Dutch Baby Pancake recipe is the answer! If you’re tired of regular old pancakes, you will love this new pancake recipe prepared in a cast-iron skillet in the oven. It’s fluffy, moist and also fun to make! I love to top mine off with maple syrup, tons of fruit and berries, and a generous amount of whipped cream! It’s the perfect weekend breakfast recipe!

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This Dutch pancake recipe requires a smooth and clump-free batter. The easiest way to prepare a smooth pancake or crepe batter is to use a food blender or processor. Just add all the ingredients at once, then blend until smooth! Allow the batter to rest for a few minutes, then use. Once you try this blender trick, you’ll never go back to making pancake batter the same!

Serve this Dutch baby pancake immediately after removing from oven! When I make this pancake at home, I prepare the rest of my breakfast spread when the pancake is baking. Don’t leave the pancake in the pan for too long; otherwise, it will become soggy and deflate. For serving, add all your favorite toppings! I like my pancakes with fruit and berries, so I added fresh nectarines, strawberries and blueberries. For a little crunch, I added some sliced almonds. And no pancake would be complete without lots of maple syrup!

dutch baby pancake with fruit and whipped cream

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Easy Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe for breakfast

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I love my Ninja blender for making crepe and pancake batter – it makes the batter super smooth.
This Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron pan is great for Dutch pancakes.
The dark blue cast iron trivet is such a beautiful addition to my kitchen!


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