tea sandwich with ham, cheese and salami

Classic Club Tea Sandwiches Recipe


One of my favorite tea sandwich recipes! This classic version made with ham, salami and cheese is perfect for everyday meals and for special occasions! These club tea sandwiches are made with toasted baguette coated in creamy mayonnaise and topped with tomato, cucumber, cheese, smoked ham and salami. You’ll love the classic flavor combination! Plus, this appetizer recipe is super easy to make! You can scale this recipe up or down depending on how many sandwiches you need.

club tea sandwich with cheese, ham, salami, tomato and cucumber

Preparing the Bread

The first step to making these club tea sandwiches is preparing the bread or the base. You can use a variety of breads such as French baguette, classic white bread, brioche bread, or even mini croissants! I typically make these with thinly sliced and toasted rustic baguette. The thin and crispy bread goes so well with the toppings. Just slice the baguette into 1/3-inch slices and place onto a baking pan. Brush the top of each slice lightly with olive oil and then broiler for a few minutes. It’s the fastest way to toast a large amount of bread! I also really enjoy them with the mini croissants. Just slice the croissants in half and toast them under the broiler for few minutes until golden.

What Spread to Use

Traditionally, club sandwiches are made with mayonnaise and that’s how I like to make this appetizer recipe! Once the bread is toasted, I spread a generous amount of creamy avocado oil mayonnaise onto each slice. If you want to try this recipe out with different spreads, try a creamy and zesty garlic aioli or even a smoked chipotle aioli. The extra flavor will only make these tea sandwiches that much better!

ham and salami tea sandwiches on olive board

Meat & Cheese Toppings

Choosing the right meats and toppings for these club tea sandwiches is key! When I make these for myself, I love to use thinly sliced, uncured, smoked ham. The smoky ham adds so much great flavor! Since the ham typically comes in larger pieces, I cut the slices in half or quarters so they fit nicely onto the sandwich. Try rolling the ham and securing it with a toothpick to create more visual effects! Next, add on some delicious salami! Go with the variety that you like best; pre-sliced is always the easiest to use! You can also use dry coppa or even prosciutto for this recipe. And, try adding some rendered bacon for the ultimate club sandwich experience!

And you don’t forget the cheese! The cheese is a must with this appetizer recipe! I love to use semi-hard cheeses for these sandwiches, such as white cheddar, Havarti, gouda or even smoked gouda. Cut the cheese into small squares or triangles to fit the sandwich nicely.

sandwich appetizers made with ham and salami

Vegetable Toppings

To break up the richness of the ham, salami and cheese, I love to add some veggies to these club tea sandwiches! I thinly slice a few slicing tomatoes and Persian or cocktail cucumbers and layer them between the bread and the meat toppings. The cucumber is so refreshing and crunchy! You can also add thinly sliced shallots or even a small lettuce leaf to the mix!

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Club Tea Sandwiches Recipe


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