cheese and chorizo lasagna roll ups

Cheesy Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe (video)


Easy, cheesy and saucy lasagna like you’ve never had before, sponsored by Cacique®! This recipe for Cheesy Lasagna Roll Ups is made with Cacique® Beef Chorizo bolognese sauce, Cacique® Manchego and Cotija cheeses, and loads of tomato sauce. These lasagna roll ups are so much fun to make and even more delightful to eat! And check out my Classic Bolognese Sauce recipe for more traditional flavors!

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The Chorizo Bolognese!

Most lasagna is made with ground beef or Italian sausage, but this aromatic version is made with beef chorizo! I specifically love the flavor of Cacique® Beef Chorizo – it’s my choice of protein for this recipe. The flavors from the chorizo transform the bolognese sauce into something amazing! Not only is it aromatic and delicious, but it also makes the sauce a deep, red color like no other protein can do!

Cheese lasagna in casserole dish with basil

Putting the Cheese in ‘Cheesy’!

Let’s be honest – the best part of any pasta dish is the cheese! This cheesy lasagna recipe is made with the most incredible and flavorful cheese. I use Cacique® Manchego and Cotija cheese – they both add so much flavor to this recipe. Manchego cheese is a thick and creamy melting cheese that has great nutty and earthy flavors, with an aroma similar to cheddar cheese. Cotija is an aged, robust cheese similar to Parmesan and dry feta. The robust and salty flavor really complements the Manchego and the chorizo sauce.

Don’t forget to sprinkle extra cheese on top of the lasagna rolls up before placing the dish into the oven! You’ll have extra cheesiness with every bite!

cheese and chorizo lasagna rolls ups on tray

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Cheesy Lasagna Roll Ups video recipe

Sponsored by Cacique®

This delicious and warming recipe is sponsored by Cacique®. Cacique® Inc. is the #1 brand of Hispanic cheeses, cremas and chorizos in the US. Celebrating 45 years, Cacique® takes great pride in the authenticity, quality and taste of each of its products. When you’re shopping for the Manchego and Cotija, don’t forget to pick up the Beef Chorizo, too! And, check out the Cacique® recipe webpage for more recipe inspiration!


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