chocolate raspberry cheesecake with caramel

Caramel Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe (video)


A chocolate cheesecake like you’ve never had before! This over-the-top, indulgent, velvety raspberry cheesecake will win over your taste buds – luscious chocolate cheesecake made with a chocolate crust, combined with bits of caramel and fresh raspberries, garnished with more raspberries and chocolate drizzle! If you’re not counting your calories and looking for the perfect indulgent dessert, this caramel cheesecake is for you! It’s a great choice around the holiday season if you’re hosting a dinner. Also, enjoy it for Valentine’s Day with that someone special.

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The Best Chocolate Cheesecake!

I’ve always loved the combination of chocolate and raspberry and I wanted to combine those flavors to create the ultimate chocolate cheesecake. The end result – one of my favorite cheesecake recipes! The combination of flavors is spot-on and simply divine! This cheesecake recipe starts with a delicious chocolate graham cracker cookie base – this base layer adds even more chocolate flavor! For the batter, I start with a basic cheesecake batter: cream cheese, sour cream, sugar and eggs. Then, I add in melted chocolate and caramel bits into the batter for the best flavor!

For the berry flavor in this raspberry cheesecake, I add fresh raspberries and caramel bits directly onto the prepared chocolate crust. Once you have the chocolate batter ready, just pour it over the arranged berries!

slice of caramel chocolate cheesecake topped with raspberries

Using the Water Bath Method

For baking the cheesecake, I recommend trying to use a water bath to keep the top level and to prevent cracking. I didn’t do this step in my video recipe but you’ll love the results! Just make sure to double wrap the bottom of your springform pan with foil to prevent any water from getting into your cake. After baking, I let the cheesecake set in the refrigerator overnight, then remove it from the spring form pan.

Garnishing the Top!

Garnish the top of this chocolate caramel cheesecake with fresh raspberries, caramel and a simple drizzle of melted chocolate for a stunning, show-stopping result. If you can’t find caramel bites in your local grocery store, consider using some caramel sauce instead. You can simply drizzle the sauce over the cheesecake and bake per the recipe. Make your own ‘Homemade Caramel Sauce’ with my simple recipe! You’ll never need store-bought sauce again!

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Chocolate Caramel Raspberry Cheesecake video recipe

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