lamb shanks braised in tomato sauce with gnocchi

Braised Lamb Shanks with Gnocchi


I cannot say enough about how good this dish is!! I’ve made it soo many times over the years and still, it’s the number-one dish that my husband requests! These braised lamb shanks with gnocchi will change everything you think you know about lamb. Lamb can sometimes be an intimidating meat to prepare but my braised lamb shanks are so simple to make, you’ll feel like a master chef at home!

The flavorful lamb shanks are braised in a tomato sauce made with wine, garlic and fresh Italian herbs. After braising away in this aromatic sauce for a few hours, the meat literally falls of the bone. The braised lamb meat will simply melt in your mouth! There’s something magical about this dish! To make it a meal, I added some pillowy potato gnocchi and tossed it in the tomato sauce. You can also use any type of pasta, such as penne or elbow pasta. I also like to serve a light spring salad on the side to refresh the palate.

If you’ve never tried braised lamb shanks before, this is one restaurant-worthy dish that you simple MUST make at home!

For step by step instructions, watch my video recipe!

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