braised lamb shanks with red wine tomato sauce and gnocchi

Braised Lamb Shanks Recipe (video)


The most aromatic and delicious braised lamb shanks recipe! If you enjoy lamb, you are going to love this easy and hearty recipe! The lamb shanks are braised in a red wine tomato sauce with lots of fresh herbs and garlic. The meat becomes extra tender and falls right off the bone! Make it a meal by adding some pillowy gnocchi into the sauce when the lamb is done. This lamb recipe is restaurant quality dining at home!

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How It’s Made

Making braised lamb is a breeze with my easy recipe! First, season the shanks generously with salt and pepper, then brown the lamb shanks all over to add more flavor. Next, prepare the sauce with herbs, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, red wine, garlic and onion. This red wine sauce is so delicious and I highly recommend adding the wine for the best flavor. If you prefer not to use wine, beef broth will also work well.

Once you have the sauce ready, add the lamb back into pan and then let it simmer away! The longer, the better! I recommend slow-simmering the lamb for maximum flavor. Turn the lamb shanks occasionally so they cook evenly. After braising away in this aromatic sauce for a few hours, the meat literally falls of the bone. The braised lamb meat will simply melt in your mouth! There’s something magical about this dish!

braised lamb recipe with tomato sauce


To make it a meal, I added some pillowy potato gnocchi and tossed it in the tomato sauce. You can also use any type of pasta, such as penne or elbow pasta. Don’t want pasta? This braised lamb is amazing served over mashed potatoes, too! I also like to serve a light spring salad on the side to refresh the palate.

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