Chocolate Cake Wrap Tutorial (video)

chocolate cake wrap for cake decorating

Learn how to decorate your next cake creation with chocolate with my step-by-step chocolate cake wrap and chocolate decorations tutorial! These chocolate garnishes will transform any cake from ordinary to extraordinary in just 15 minutes! Cake decorating can’t get any more fun! Perfect for birthday cakes, anniversaries, graduations, wedding and any other celebration!

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Tips and Tools

Getting the right tools for this tutorial will make this little project a breeze! I recommend using chocolate melts for several reasons, one of which is no tempering required! I use Ghirardelli chocolate melts, but feel free to use any brand. Most hobby stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby carry chocolate melts in a variety of colors and even flavors. These melts also set up very quickly, which means little down time waiting for the chocolate to set. For my video tutorial, I used white and dark chocolate but the cake wrap and decorations can be made with any color and flavor of chocolate!

chocolate cake with chocolate cake wrap and chocolate decorations

Acetate Plastic Wrap

Second, you’ll need acetate paper or cake collars. I buy mine in a large bulk roll from Amazon HERE, which has 16 feet of plastic, perfect for several cakes! Just cut the acetate to the length you require. And last, you’ll need a scalloped decorating comb/bench scraper. Mine is by Ateco HERE. I recommend making the chocolate wrap and chocolate decorations on a cold, stone surface. I have quartz countertops in my kitchen which work great for this project! You can also use a marble slab if you don’t have stone countertops.

How to Use it!

For this cake decorating tutorial, I used my ’12 Layer Chocolate Cake’ recipe. It’s a super tall cake that makes the chocolate cake look very professional and fancy. You can use this cake decorating technique for just about any cake though!

Check out my other cake recipes to see how I used the chocolate wrap and chocolate decorations.

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Chocolate Cake Wrap & Garnish video tutorial


Need some supplies to make this recipe? You can get them here (Amazon affiliate links):

Chocolate Cake Wrap Tutorial (video)

15 mins prep
1 cake wrap
Learn how to make a decorative chocolate cake wrap for your next cake creation!


  • 1 to 2 cups dark chocolate melts
  • 1 cup white chocolate melts


  • Measure and precut the acetate paper to the required length. For the chocolate decorations, I used a 16-inch piece. For the chocolate cake wrap, measure the acetate by wrapping it loosely around the cake pan used for the recipe. If your cake is tall like the one I used, cut two pieces and tape them together for a taller cake collar.
  • Place the chocolate melts into a microwave-safe bowl and heat for 2 to 2 1/2 minutes, stirring every 30 to 45 seconds, until the chocolate is melted and smooth. Allow the chocolate to stand at room temperature for a few minutes, until it cools down slightly and starts to thicken a bit.
  • For the chocolate decorations: pour the chocolate down the center of the precut acetate strip. Using a flat spatula, spread it evenly to the edges. Don't worry about the excess chocolate, that can be easily cleaned later. Once the chocolate is evenly spread, use the scalloped edge of the cake comb/scraper to create designs in the chocolate. Using a flat spatula, carefully lift the acetate up and out of the way, then clean the excess chocolate off the counter. Use a flat bench scraper to scrap the chocolate back into the bowl, which can then be reheated.
  • Once the first layer of chocolate is almost set, pour the white chocolate over the top, spreading it in a thin and even layer. Let the chocolate sit for a minute or two, until it starts to set up, then score it with a sharp knife; this will make it easy to break once it's set.
  • For the chocolate cake wrap: have your cake ready to go, preferably on a rotating cake stand. If the cake is frosted with a buttercream, it needs to be soft. If the cake was previously refrigerated, allow the buttercream to soften for at least 30 minutes so that the chocolate will stick better.
  • Prepare the chocolate melts the same way as for the decorations and pour the chocolate onto the acetate down the center. Spread evenly with a flat spatula first, then create designs using the scalloped spatula. Allow the chocolate to set for just a few minutes. It needs to be semi-set - not runny but also not hardened. Carefully lift the acetate sheet and place one end up against the cake, then slowly rotate the cake and gently press the chocolate wrap onto the sides.
  • Allow the chocolate wrap to stand on the cake until the chocolate is completely set, then gently remove the plastic. Start at one end and peel the plastic away slowly, while pressing any pieces that didn't stick into place.