teriyaki salmon bowl with veggies

Teriyaki Salmon Bowl


If you love salmon and teriyaki as much as I do, you’re going to love this teriyaki salmon bowl! I love everything about this recipe! It’s made with juicy and flavorful salmon, home-made teriyaki sauce and loads of veggies. Dinner can’t get any easier, or more delicious, than this!

Salmon is my favorite seafood, with lobster and scallops being close seconds. I love the versatility of this fish and I love that it’s readily available in my local grocery store year round. I first saw this idea of a salmon bowl on Pinterest and thought, why not make my own? I like to remove the skin from my salmon, but feel free to leave it on if you like it. Slice the fillet into serving size portions for easier and faster cooking. I love making my own teriyaki sauce; I never buy the store varieties any more since it’s so easy to make! Then load up your bowl with white or brown rice, or even quinoa. Add your favorite veggies on top; I like to use avocado, bell peppers, carrots, edamame beans and radishes. Feel free to add any of your favorite veggies!

This teriyaki salmon bowl is also great to make ahead of time and pack yourself a lunch for the next day! Just pack the bowl into a glass container and you’re all set to go!

Watch my video recipe for all the details!

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This 'Teriyaki Salmon Bowl' is such a great dinner idea! I make my own teriyaki glaze, then pile on the veggies to make a healthy and delicious meal. View Recipe Link

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