coconut macaroons with pink chocolate

Spicy Coconut Macaroons


You’ve tried classic coconut macaroons but I bet you’ve never tried macaroons like this! It’s a spicy twist on the classic coconut macaroon using pepper sauce! Yes, you read that right! Now before you go off and say ‘no one should add pepper sauce to cookies’, give these a try! I wouldn’t believe you if I hadn’t tried it myself. It’s such a unique and delicious combination that’s bound to intrigue your guests and follow with recipe requests!

I partnered with Tabasco for this spiced up cookie recipe that’s perfect for the holiday season! I add Tabasco pepper sauce right into the cookie batter for a unique and delicious flavor combination! Then the cookies are dipped in melted chocolate, colored festive red for the season! Add some red sprinkles to make the cookies extra special. Bring them to any holiday gathering or enjoy them at home with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee! #ad #sponsored

Watch my video recipe for all the details on how it’s done!

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