Russian zefir peach marshmallow pops

Peach Marshmallow Pops (video)


Fruity peach marshmallow pops, dipped into chocolate, covered in sprinkles and made with Russian ‘zefir’ marshmallow. This Eastern European / Russian recipe yields a super light and fluffy marshmallow that simply melts in your mouth! It’s made with agar gelatin so it sets quickly and at room temperature. I absolutely love this peach flavor for the summer time! It’s peachy, fruity and delicious!

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peach flavored marshmallow pops dipped in chocolate

These peach marshmallow pops are super easy and fun to make! And they’re perfect for a birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower or any other special occasion! Wrap them into little treat bags and tie off with a ribbon for a cute presentation! You can use this recipe for other flavors and colors, too! I love zefir with raspberry and strawberry. For those flavors, I recommend using flavored Jello mix. Watch my other zefir recipes for details!

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Peach Marshmallow Pops with video recipe

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