red, white and dark chocolate cake pops in coffee mug for Valentine's Day

Caramel Chocolate Cake Pops (video)

Looking for a small, sweet party treat to enjoy? Cake pops are a fun and easy treat that you can make at home! These salted caramel chocolate cake pops have a rich and luscious center filling made using my chocolate cake recipe and caramel frosting! Then, these cake pops are coated in chocolate and ready to be enjoyed. I garnished mine with red and white chocolate for Valentine’s Day but this recipe is great for any occasion, any party, any time of the year.

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How Cake Pops are Made!

These chocolate cake pops are really easy to make. The whole idea behind cake pops is to combine cake with frosting, creating a moist ‘dough’ that’s then shaped into a ball.

Assembling the Filling!

The cake is baked, then crumbled into a large bowl, then the frosting is added. Don’t add too much frosting, otherwise the cake pops will be too soft. Start by adding a few scoops of frosting and massage it into the cake crumbs using your hands or a spatula. If you’re in a pinch and just want to make cake pops really fast, try using ‘gasp’ store bought cake mix and boxed frosting! The dough is then shaped into balls, placed on a treat stick and dipped into chocolate. Super easy and fun!

caramel cake pops dipped in chocolate in red coffee mug

Dipping in Chocolate!

For dipping the cake pops, I recommend using chocolate melts, not chocolate chips. Melts set nicely at room temperature and the chocolate doesn’t need to be tempered! Feel free to coat these in any color of chocolate you would like and decorate with sprinkles, nuts and crushed candy.

  • You can pick up all the supplies you need for this party treat recipe, such as treat sticks, foam tray and treat bags, at your local hobby store or below with my Amazon affiliate links. The foam tray will help keep the cake pops looking fabulous and round all over. If you’re making these for a party, wrap the pops with a little treat bag, add a cute ribbon and you’re all set!
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Caramel Chocolate Cake Pops video recipe

Need some supplies to make this recipe? You can get them here (Amazon affiliate links):

My all-time favorite chocolate melts by Ghirardelli. These melts are so great for these chocolate pops!
Use these treat sticks for making these party treats!
And, this foam board will keep your cake pops propped up nicely!
If you’re making these treats as party favors, wrap them in these treat bags for a beautiful presentation.

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