clams in wine sauce with linguine

Clams Linguine With White Wine Sauce


A recipe for the love of seafood pasta! Planning for a romantic dinner night in or just love seafood pasta? My easy and delicious recipe for clams linguine fits the bill! It’s easy enough to make even on a week night and perfect for a special dinner! I love to serve this dish with chilled white wine and French baguette on the side to soak up any left over sauce!

Whenever my husband and I go out for dinner at a seafood restaurant, we almost always order a clam or mussel dish similar to this one. We both love the flavor of briny and salty shellfish with lemon, garlic and white wine. Making clams linguine at home is much cheaper than ordering it at a restaurant, too!

Watch my video recipe for step-by-step instructions! 

When purchasing your clams from the seafood counter, make sure to ask if the clams are fresh. I usually try to get clams that are no older than a day. Before cooking the clams, wash them in cold water and discard any clams that are open or have a cracked shell. Once the clams are cooked, discard any clams that didn’t open. Rinsing the clams with cold water before cooking will help get rid of any sand and shell pieces.

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