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Butter Poached Lobster with Simple Risotto

This butter poached lobster with simple risotto is the pinnacle of gourmet cooking at home! It’s a 5-star, restaurant quality dish that is not only easy but fun to make at home for a special occasion. Surprise your guests or that special someone with this elegant and delicious dish at home for a special occasion, holiday, birthday or celebration. Nothing says ‘I love you’ with food like lobster!

Watch my video recipe to learn how to peel lobster tails like a pro! 

Preparing butter poached lobster at home can seem very intimidating, I know! I didn’t attempt to make lobster at home for a long time, but now I wish I had been making this wayyy more often! It’s super, duper easy! The one thing to you need to watch out for is over-cooking the lobster. Make sure to set a timer once the lobster hits the boiling water, then immediately remove the lobster once it’s done cooking and shock in a bowl of ice water. The ice water stops the lobster from cooking further and becoming rubbery.

Since lobster is so flavorful and delicious on its own, serving it with this simple risotto is the best way to enjoy it. For this video recipe, I made a parmesan cheese risotto, but you can also switch this recipe up and add diced mushrooms to the mix, or even try adding some smoked gouda cheese! And the broth can be adjusted, too. You can use chicken, beef or vegetable for this recipe. The key to making creamy risotto is whisking, whisking, and whisking some more. The more the rice is mixed, the creamier it gets. Risotto is a labor of love, but well worth the work! This recipe will be enough for 4 servings.


Serve this lobster dish with a side of champagne for the ultimate dinner!

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